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Roxanne de Bastion at The Lexington

Covid had struck again and this tour had been postponed from earlier in the year. This rescheduled gig was busy, bringing in fans of Roxanne de Bastion, Zoe Konez and the local support to The Lexington. Zoe Konez seems to be the gateway drug for me in the singer-songwriter scene, through her, directly and indirectly, I have been introduced to many different performers over the past fifteen years or so. Tonight was a pleasant introduction to the headliner, Roxanne de Bastion. Zoe was doing double duty on her own as tour support and as a guitarist/vocalist in Roxanne’s band.

Zoe’s set was a mix of older and newer tracks, several from her latest release, “not a proper album,” a collection of songs under the title of “The Long Way Round From Here.” She gave a good performance as she always does. At the end of her set she was joined on stage by Antonio Lulic for their single “Echo,” the release of which was the reason that I last caught both of them at their double headliner at the Bedford, back in 2019. It was good to catch up with both of them.

Roxanne has gathered fans and it’s easy to see why. Her performance was strong and entertaining, ably supported by her band, which included, as well as Zoe, a multi-instrumentalist and a small string section. We were treated to a good set from her and the band, which finished on a high and gained a well deserved encore.

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