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Green Wyvern with The Dreamer and The Bearer of Old Corpse Road. Photo taken by Natalie Koskinen of Paara at The Blackwood Gathering, Fell Foot Wood.

“The best camera is the one you have with you.”

Chase Jarvis

I’m Kev. Green Wyvern Photography is based near brighton and I shoot gigs and festivals around the country, regularly going as far as Cumbria and Wales. Plans were being made to shoot a European festival with a Spanish reviewer before Covid-19 put paid to that.

My photography journey started back in my teens with a 35mm film camera my uncle gave me. I progressed onto a Zorki 4K 35mm camera and used that for several years. My subjects were mainly architecture, people, the local port and landscapes. I developed black and white pictures and also used slide films. Other interests got in the way and I would take pictures of people and events on a variety of point-and-shoot film cameras until the beginning of this century, when I moved over to digital.

Other subjects I have shot include food pictures for a cake shop I co-owned and two cookbooks, informal wedding and party pictures, military pictures whilst I was a reservist and outdoor events, of which Hastings has many. For video, I have had a mini-DV camera for many years and have more recently shot video using the current digital SLR and viewfinder cameras.

My first digital SLR, a Canon 1000D with a kit lens, was bought in 2009 and I started shooting local gigs in Hastings the following year. My skills developed, using that basic setup until 2012, when I bought a 50mm prime lens and then a 100mm prime lens. Since then I have upgraded the body to a full-frame camera and have bought other lenses, studio equipment and audio equipment.