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Hometown Tour at The Spiritual Bar, Camden

Earlier this year an ad appeared on my Instagram feed and I was, unusually for me, interested by it enough to want to find out more about the singer-songwriter who had posted it. I watched some YouTube videos and decided to buy her CDs that were on offer. As she is based in the Lake District, I was pleased to find out a few months later that she would be on tour with some other singer-songwriters and that they were playing London. The Hometown Tour was the idea of Joel Gardner, one of the four, with each artist headlining in their “home town.” They rotated around in order too at each venue. The venue for London was the Spiritual Bar, located in Camden, a small bar, making for a cosy gig. I was able to chat to the musicians and was pleased to find them all friendly and keen to play.

Joel was the opener for the London gig and he was introduced by Gigi, the London headliner. His set was fairly lighthearted, he always seemed to have smile on his face and his songs were upbeat.

Next up was the person who had initially got me interested, Melancholy Mel Baker, as introduced by Gigi. Her set wasn’t quite as cheerful as Joel’s set was, her songs being on the sadder side. They were still strong and entertaining and she went down well with the audience.

The third act was Thom Morecroft, who was the comedian of the group. His sense of humour shone through the entirety of his set. After his set finished, he had the duty of introducing Gigi.

Gigi had been writing songs for other people until Lockdown and then started writing for herself again. These gigs were the first she had done since she was 22 (not last year as I suggested) but this didn’t show as her set was an excellent end to the evening.

A few songs before the end, Joel joined her onstage and for the final song, “Punch drunk,” Mel and Thom also joined them.

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