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Saor at The Boston Music Room

Blue and white stage lights

Covid caused a lot of disruption to music events, with many being rescheduled, others being cancelled and others having changes either in line up or location. One of the few that got rescheduled without any other changes was the one promoted by Isengard Promotions, with Saor headlining and Terra and Cairiss supporting. Two years on and we were witness to an awesome evening of Black Metal. It was long awaited and drew in fans from around the country and even a Spanish woman who had flown in from Eire to see the show. Someone had thought about the lighting, the entire evening was lit in the blue and white of the Saltire.

First on the stage were Cairiss, albeit a bit late as vocalist Freyja had forgotten something and had to rush backstage as the rest of the band looked on bemusedly. Not that it mattered once they did get going, their set was a masterful one, even though it was their first since Warhorns Winterfest in the January before Covid struck. Their take on Black Metal is a bit whimsical at times, fitting well to the sub-genre.

Terra couldn’t be more different, much darker and brutal, a three piece that I had been hoping to catch again since I’d seen them supporting Winterfylleth and Fen in Colchester a few years ago. They also went down well with the crowd, despite shrouding themselves with the minimal stage lighting and smoke.

It may have been that it was the post-Covid effect, or it could have just have been the right alignment of band and audience, Saor produced an amazing set. All four of the front row enthusiastically engaged with the audience and the audience willingly gave a lot of energy back. Frontman Andy was extremely enthusiastic and even went into the audience at one point. The set seemed to finish and an instrumental track played, then the band came back on, with Andy thanking the woman behind that interlude music, who was in the audience. They played two more songs then disappeared offstage for real.

I had hoped to catch them after the set but they didn’t seem to be emerging so I bought a t-shirt and headed off to The Black Heart, hoping to find others I knew there. That wasn’t the case but as I was just about to finish my drink and leave, who should I spot but Andy and one of his guitarists. I introduced myself and joined them for a chat. Shortly after the promoters turned up as well and we all chatted until the pub closed.

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