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Winter Assault III – part 2

Despite Covid enforced line-up changes, South Coast Extreme Metal’s Winter Assault III festival went ahead in December. The event still managed to attract people to enjoy an afternoon and evening of mainly Black Metal.

The band in the middle were no strangers to me, the hard hitting Manchester band, Burial. As always, their set was hard, brutal and fast, with vocalist/bassist Dez throwing in humorous comments between songs.

The event organisers ended up having to fill a gap so they took to the stage and Vehement played another great set. They have popped up in several of my recent posts and I still enjoy catching them, as the new line-up is the strongest yet.

The penultimate band of the day were Nahemia, who I had been unable to shoot at their headline gig a few weeks before. They played a good solid set and finished it off with the destruction of Middle Eastern religious books.

Stepping into the breach as headliners were Trivax, replacing A Forest of Stars. They also have a strong anti-Islamic message, two of the members having escaped from religious abuse in Iran and Syria. They are also one of those bands that I have caught several times recently and don’t disappoint. They are a fitting replacement at the top of the bill.

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