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Northern Darkness August – Saturday

A Saturday in August, a stone’s throw from Lake Windermere. Five more of England’s finest Black Metal bands played their sets to an appreciative audience. The headline band were Winterfylleth who, along with main support Necronautical, had played to much larger audiences at Bloodstock the weekend before, not that that stopped both bands pulling out all the stops this weekend.

First up were Necro Ritual, hailing from London, starting the day with a set to compete against.

Second band on were Devastator who played a strong black thrash set that got the audience going.

Another Fell Foot Wood favourite was up next, Burial. The keen eyed amongst you will notice certain similarities to Wolfbastard as two thirds of them are the same. It’s a slightly different Black Metal vibe but still hard and fast.

Necronautical could have rested on their laurels from the weekend before, having received some rave reviews but they played with as much enthusiasm and flair as they did on the larger stage. They were joined on stage by Vickie Harley, soprano and Darianth on bass. Both added something special to the band.

After a short break and a change of shirts, Naut/Russell was back on stage with new bandmates Winterfylleth. Winterfylleth did what they do well, they played another awesome Black Metal set with an English flavour. I have seen a few line-up changes in the band since the first gig that they played and they have replaced one strong guitarist with another and Dan was on hand to view his replacement’s performance.

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